Village of Roscommon

Development Plan


Downtown is a key indicator of a community’s economic vitality. Prior to the establishment of the Downtown Development Act (Public Act 179 of 1975) municipalities had very few financial tools to assist with downtown revitalization. As a result, capital projects were deferred or municipalities used general fund monies and special assessment districts to defray the cost of these expenditures. The broader approach to downtown revitalization involving both the public and private sectors was absent and elected officials and administrators could not afford the time to focus personnel or the fiscal resources needed to address the real estate, market, and capital projects required to create a viable business district.

The need for maintaining the Roscommon City Development District (referred to as “Development Area”) is founded on the basis that the future success of Roscommon’s current effort to revitalize its commercial area will depend, in large measure, on the readiness and ability of its public corporate entity to initiate public improvements that strengthen the commercial area, and encourage and participate where feasible in the development of new private uses that clearly demonstrate the creation of new jobs, the attraction of new business, and the generation of additional tax revenues.

Since its establishment in 1990 the Roscommon Downtown Development Authority has accomplished an array of projects and programs benefitting the downtown, adjacent neighborhoods and the greater Roscommon region.

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